7 Tips For Wedding Photographers

wedding photographer

So, I guess you aspire to become a professional wedding photographer, or you already are. Regardless, covering a wedding and being hired to become a wedding photographer in Austin, TX is no joke, and the job can be quite overwhelming. Being always on the run with loads of cameras and lenses is not an easy endeavor, but still, it can be a great job if you truly have a passion for it. So, in this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to become one of the best Austin wedding photographers.

Always Hold a Prenuptial Interview

It’s important always to set a date and have an informal chat with your clients. During this period, you need to ask what they expect, get the location of the wedding, what type of wedding it’s going to be, how big the ceremony will be as well as the time it will start. These details are important as they will help you plan ahead on what equipment you’ll require and also help you create a plan for the day. Skip this part and you are in for a messy day.

Be Friendly And Approachable

Apart from being creative professionals, photographers have always been known to be approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. This is simply to know what the client needs as the result. Keep in mind that the photographs you will take are not just your precious work of art, but they are ideally the client’s memoirs of one of the most special days in their lives. Therefore, the photographs should meet the taste of the customer and to know the taste, you need to be approachable and friendly. Otherwise, you will have fewer chances of being hired.

Visit The Wedding Venue Before The Actual Date

Regardless of the location (Austin or anywhere in Texas), it’s advisable to visit the place where the wedding will be held. This helps in that you will know what to expect and what you’ll have to tackle.

Check and Test your Equipment Before Leaving

Check everything; the camera, to the laptop, memory cards, speed lights, memory cards and anything else you will need at the wedding. Know which batteries and bulbs that will need to be replaced. When working with photography equipment, there’s too much room for error, and the last thing you want is your gadgets failing you on the big day.

Pay Attention to The Details

When shooting on the wedding day in Austin, TX or any location, you will want to pay close attention to every single detail, even if it’s a small one. Look at the color of the brides hair, her makeup, the wrinkles on the gown, and even the ring. Shoot the smallest of the details, to the panorama of the wedding location and you’ll be surprised by how much of a story you will be telling. Of course, do not forget to shoot the emotions as the first kiss as husband and wife.

Take Risks

As a wedding photographer, you’ll want to try shots and themes that you are not comfortable with, or haven’t tried before. Developing your distinct style is not a one-time thing, and so, you will need to keep trying various techniques, and you will be surprised how unique your photos will be.


More importantly, enjoy what you do. That’s the reason you are a wedding photographer in the first place. When you love and appreciate what you do, you become better at it. So, smile and laugh with the guests, dance with the kids and keep the wedding spirit alive. As you enjoy, you’ll certainly notice a boost in your creativity.

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