The Different Types of Suits

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There are three primary types of suits: Readymade suits, made to measure suits, and custom made suits. In this article, we will go through these three kinds of suits in detail.

Readymade or ready to wear suits

Readymade suits, also known as ready to wear suits, are usually the cheapest of them all. These suits are made based on the manufacturer’s description of the “average customer.” Their target customers decide the dimensions. So in a readymade suit, you have to see for yourself how well the suit fits, if it does. They usually make suits in different sizes, so a random customer finds a fit, or as the case is in most situations, picks the closest fit.

Readymade suits are the biggest sellers. For most of the people, the first choice when talking about suits is readymade suits. People who have grown to like the taste of made to measure or even custom made suits still have purchased readymade suits more than the other kinds throughout their lives, probably.

Readymade garments are the standard. Thus, ready to wear suits are the standard in suits as well. Many patterns, colors, and styles are replicated over and over again to appeal to the masses and increase the sales.

Made to measure suits

Made to measure suits are made after taking measurements of a particular person. A person gives his or her measurements, and the retailer takes a “base pattern” most closely resembling the liking of the customer.

As mentioned, a made to measure suit uses a base pattern. These base patterns are still stock manufactured and thus have a redundancy to them. In other words, these suits share a core that is quite the same among many different made to measure suits. The processes involved in generating the base patterns are still industry manufactured, and thus many believe that made to measure suits are lower quality than custom made suits.

Made to measure suits are typically costlier than readymade garments, but cheaper than custom made suits. Exceptions can exist, especially when the material in question differs hugely.

Custom made suits

Custom made suits are made from absolutely nothing, fitting for a single customer. Here, not only the measurements are taken from the individual, but the clothing preferences, material quality, patterns, and so on, everything is baked in and made from scratch taking in the preferences, requirements, and guidelines set by the customer him or herself.

Custom made suits can be insanely priced. Custom made suits are done by tailors who work as brands and not individuals. So there is the “brand” cost involved. Certain tailors will charge more than others, while certain will just blow everyone else right out of the water in the competition of the prices.

Custom made garments require a lot of workmanship, skill, and talent. In many cases, they also require a lot of time and consulting. After proper tests for fitting and liking, they are finally delivered.

Wrapping up

Out of the three kinds of suits we discussed, the ready to wear ones are the cheapest, and the custom made suits the costliest. The made to measure suits fall in between the two.

As for the workmanship involved, ready to wear suits are largely like “processed” garments where processes are run non-stop to produce the same model of suits for a select amount of count or time. The custom made suits involve a high degree of workmanship and talent as everything has to be created from scratch. Again, made to measure suits fall between the two, they require a good deal of workmanship in crafting the garment from the base pattern for custom measurements not manufactured by any company, but still the base pattern itself utilizes many processes that can be called standardized patterning, thus cutting down on the required workmanship.

The wealthier a person is, the more he or she is inclined towards costlier suits, may that be brands or the kinds. For most people out there who need to wear suits on a regular basis and appreciate the finesse and small details, made to measure suits are the best pick. They are not too highly priced while still have some of the “customized” feel.

You will be surprised to learn for the first time that nowadays 3D body scanning is being used to make modern made to measure suits. The scanned data is transferred to a computer which then accurately manufactures the suit, thus saving time while retaining the spirit of made to measure suits.

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